Did Someone Say Apero?

When it comes to food, we’re proud to do things the French way.

This means simple, top-quality food that’s shared between your group and enjoyed with your drink of choice. Or, as they call it, Apéro.

Our famous cheese and charcuterie boards, assembled with only the finest ingredients, are always a winner. And for those looking for something lighter, we stock a range of olives, pâtés, sardines and vegan tapenades.

Browse our selection of Cheeses and Meats below or see what’s available to pick up at our in-store Delicatessen.


The French have often struggled with the ‘Cercle Vicieux’, that is – the Vicious Circle of having drunk all the wine, but still having some cheese left on their plate, and then topping up the wine… but finishing the cheese.

Well, at V and B we’re sure not to run out of either, thanks to our cheese counter stocked full of French cheeses – served with crusty bread and local chutneys, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any drink.

Cheeses we stock include (but aren’t limited to):

Ossau Iraty – Basque sheep’s milk cheese.
St Marcelin Nu – goat’s cheese.
Tomme de Savoie – a nutty, smooth cow’s milk cheese.
Fribois Camembert   – a strong, smooth Normandy Camembert available cold, on one of our cheeseboards or roasted with honey.
Morbier – made using the first milk of the cow, with a thin line of ash running through its centre.

The cheeses that we sell from our counter are also available to buy by the gram and take away with you. We stock certain cheeses exclusively for home use too – such as delicious raclette cheese to melt at home over the winter.


Our Charcuterie boards feature a selection of high-quality cured meats from France and Corsica, served with bread, salted butter and cornichons.

All our meats are sliced on site to preserve freshness, rather than being pre-packaged, and include the following:
Coppa de Corse – a cured meat of Corsican origin made from salted, dried, and matured pork loin.
Lonzo Rosette de Lyon – a type of dry sausage, made from pork meat and fat, originating from the Lyon region.
Jambon de Bayonne – a speciality of the Adour basin countries, Bayonne ham is uniformly dark red in colour with a variable thickness of fat. Cut into thin slices, it melts in the mouth, with a delicate flavour and a little saltiness.
Jambon de Paris – a slow-cooked, unsmoked ham made from pork leg according to traditional techniques, seasoned with herbs.

In addition, we also sell a range of French Saucisson – sliced and served from behind the bar – in the following flavours: Natural, Fig, Walnut, Chilli, Goats Cheese, Wild Boar, and Pork & Duck.


In addition to the cheeses and charcuterie available to take away, we also stock a range of fine produce in our in-store delicatessen so you can Apéro from home.

Here, you can find a range of local chutneys and dipping oils from Nakasero, traditional crackers from Paul and Pippa, French pâté and rillettes, cornichons, sardines, and a whole lot more.

We’re always updating our in-store stock, so stop by and make your next get together one to remember.