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Meet Flo + Harriet

50% Shop. 50% Bar. 100% V and B.


20 years ago, Jean Pierre Derouet and Emmanuel Bouvet were neighbours. The first had a wine cellar, the second had a beer shop and bar. After discovering that they shared many of the same customers, they decided to join forces. The wall came down, the two shops united… and V and B was formed – Vin et Bières. 


We’re Hat (The Northamptonian) and Flo (The Frenchie) Florian worked for V and B for over 8 years back in France, so last year we made the decision to leave sunny Bordeaux, and to move back to Hat’s hometown of Northampton, and to bring V and B with us. 


V and B is a shop and bar selling a huge range of wines, beers and spirits, located right in the heart of Northampton’s Cultural Quarter. It’s a space where you can get together with family and friends to taste, discover and explore new products (expertly explained by our skilled team of drinks lovers) to either enjoy in-store or at home. Throw in some cheese, charcuterie, live music, Dj sets and masterclasses and you’ve got yourselves a pretty good get-together.


The best wine in the world… is the one you like the best. 

At V and B we’re all about helping you find what you like, and why you like it – which is why our products aren’t arranged by grape or region, but rather by their taste profile, allowing you to try something that you might not usually have gone for, because if ‘you liked that, you’re probably going to love this!’. 

With over 250 wines in our shop, and over a dozen behind the bar on our rotating wine list – we’ve got something for everyone, and although we are biased… don’t worry, it’s not all French! Honest advice, accessible lingo and regular wine tastings from the Industry Experts, it’s time to democratise wine and to help you find your favourite.


From German Pilsner to Belgian Witbier, Sour IPAs to Stouts, Fruit beers to Dark Ales – there’s plenty of choice at V and B Northampton. With over 350 beers to choose from in the shop, 100 chilled beers behind the bar, 14 on tap, and loads of different beer styles – you’re sure to find a brew or two that takes your fancy. 


We’re called Vins et Bières, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about spirits. Bringing you a wide range of must-haves, must-trys and must-get-for-special-occasions. 

Whether as a gift or a tasty digestif, you’ll find Armagnacs, Cognacs, Rums, Whiskies, Gins – both local and global – not forgetting Port and the classic French Ricard, to name but a few, in our dedicated Spirits Room.

CHEESE AND charcuterie

The French have often struggled with their ‘Cercle Vicieux’, that is – the Vicious Circle of having drunk all the wine, but still having some cheese left on their plate, and then topping up the wine… but finishing the cheese. 

Well, at V and B we’re sure not to run out of either thanks to our cheese counter stocked full of French cheeses – served with bread and local chutneys, the perfect accompaniment to any tipple. 

We also serve Charcuterie Boards, a tasty selection of dried meats with crusty bread, Noirmoutier salted butter and gherkins. On top of that, we’ve got a whole cabinet filled with French Saucisson, not to mention our delicious Vegan Tapenade. 

In any case, as far as Vicious Circles go – this one doesn’t sound too bad!


Our events span everything tasting to masterclasses from experts to DJ’s and beyond.

Come and enjoy a glass of wine. little dance. few cold beers. tasting experience. get together.










Follow all of our events and purchase tickets via eventbrite.


Elevate your next event with your own beer dispenser and keg(s). Perfectly chilled, bar-style brew. No empty bottles or cans. No stress, just great beer on tap.

Step 1: Pick your beer: Choose from a wide range of different beer styles, from a tasty and refreshing blonde, to a nice, characterful Pale Ale – all available in 30L Kegs.

Step 2: Book your dispenser. Our draught beer dispensers are easy to use- but don’t worry, we’ll give you a full demo before your big day.

Step 3: You’re good to go!

Fill out the short form below and let us know when you need it. We’ll get straight back to you to confirm the details.

The Bunch


The V and B Bunch is our loyalty programme, made to recognise and reward our lovely bunch of customers (as in bunch of grapes, bunch of hops… and this is for a bunch of people who like wine and beer – clever right?!)

For us, loyalty isn’t measured in how much people spend – but what they experience. That’s why you’ll not only earn points for every V and B purchase, but also for every V and B Participation (participations = joining a masterclass, taking part in a tasting or sharing reviews)

What’s in it for me?
You can choose how you use your points, by cashing in early for money off, or by saving up for even more exciting rewards, such as private tastings, exclusive events and lots more! We’ll also be asking those stacking up lots of points to join us in playing a part in our future, by helping us pick products, trying out samples, and discussing upcoming events


COMING SOONSoon you’ll be able to browse a selection of our products, check in on our loyalty scheme as well as keep up to date with our events and everything going on here at V and B on our dedicated V and B App. Check back soon to download.

Follow us on the socials for updates on latest products across our ranges as well as events.

Situated in the heart of Northampton town centre opposite the iconic Guildhall there is parking available at the bottom of Guildhall Road in St. Johns multi-storey as well as some on-street parking along Derngate.