Meet Flo + Harriet

50% Shop. 50% Bar. 100% V and B.


20 years ago, Jean Pierre Derouet and Emmanuel Bouvet were neighbours. The first had a wine cellar, the second had a beer shop and bar. After discovering that they shared many of the same customers, they decided to join forces. The wall came down, the two shops united… and V and B was formed – Vin et Bières. 


We’re Hat (The Northamptonian) and Flo (The Frenchie) Florian worked for V and B for over 8 years back in France, so last year we made the decision to leave sunny Bordeaux, and to move back to Hat’s hometown of Northampton, and to bring V and B with us. 


V and B is a shop and bar selling a huge range of wines, beers and spirits, located right in the heart of Northampton’s Cultural Quarter. It’s a space where you can get together with family and friends to taste, discover and explore new products (expertly explained by our skilled team of drinks lovers) to either enjoy in-store or at home. Throw in some cheese, charcuterie, live music, Dj sets and masterclasses and you’ve got yourselves a pretty good get-together.